I am one lucky gal. Not only do my roommates share their Spanish language and culture with me, but they FEED ME. In turn, I introduced them to grilled cheese, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies, and swear words in English.

I have learned there are three rules in Spanish cooking (or at least with my roommates’ cooking) : 1.Garlic 2.Oil 3.Onions These three words fit nicely into my vocabulary and don’t stray too far from my already basic knowledge of what makes food taste good.

Not only is the food buenísimo, but eating is an event. In the typical Spanish way, lunch is the largest meal of the day and requires the most work to prepare. I’ve been taking notes, watching Adrí and Julia in the kitchen as they prepare the food. So far, we’ve had a few pasta dishes, salmon and rice with homemade garlic aioli, and Spanish style lentil soup with blood sausage, chorizo, Canarian potatoes, and bacon (Spanish *beicon* is a thicker/fattier meat). Yesterday, we had a taco spread (provided by yours truly), but I let Adrí handle the cooking of the taco meat and veggies.

I have learned to forego my typical, and one may say boring, 12pm lunch for a more traditional Spanish lunch time of 3pm or 4pm full of flavorful food and great company, leading me straight into my siesta.

I have been writing down some of the recipes and styles of cooking to save for a later date when I want to remake these creations. Más para seguir 😉

Un Saludo,


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