If anyone has been paying attention to the moon lately, it’s been wacky. A Full Beaver Moon and the penumbral lunar eclipse occurred on Monday. If you don’t know what that is….I didn’t either. The Farmers’ Almanac explains, “The November moon got its name for the time of year when beavers scurried to their shelters ahead of winter.” Below is a diagram I copped from USA Today to give a closer look at the penumbral lunar eclipse:

Long story short, the moon looked really freaking cool this week. I could even see it clear as day when I walked to school in the mornings. I don’t know much about astrology or the moon, but I really love pointing out of a car window, and saying, “The mooooon” as though no one in the car with me has ever seen the moon before. I only understand my own astrological sign (Leo), and I’m not 100% convinced I actually embody the characteristics of this sign, but I do think there is some depth and realness behind astrology, and I believe the moon can affect people in various ways.

With all the moon nonsense going on this week, my friends and I got on the subject of the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle. How are the two similar? How do they interact with one another? My friend, Rocio, happens to be an expert on this subject, and she laid it all out for us. I love learning new things, and I found this mini-lesson at our dining-room table fascinating.

Below is the Menstrual/Lunar Cycle as drawn by Rocio:

Let me break this diagram down for you in English:

There are four phases in the Lunar Cycle and four phases in the Menstrual Cycle. This type of diagram was created to represent a world in which we live in complete darkness. For this reason and due to modern birth control, this chart is not a complete and accurate representation of how the moon and menstrual cycles interact, but it demonstrates the traditional ideas and beliefs surrounding this topic. It suggests that women embody four archetypes during the four different phases. This cycle follows a 28 day pattern.


New Moon

This is the phase to rest. The woman feels inspired and introspective. This is a time where the woman feels more in touch with her feelings. Menstruation occurs.


First Quarter Moon

This phase is the moment to act. Clarity abounds. This is a good time for the woman to begin new projects, as her energy is heightened. Clear thoughts and a feeling of independence accompany this phase.


Full Moon

This is the phase to just be. The woman feels secure, sexual, creative, and fertile. Ovulation occurs.


Third Quarter Moon

This is basically the worst phase ever. It’s like falling off a cliff. You sleep and feel mentally groggy. This phase is a jump from high to low.

Of course, every woman and every body is different. Whether you subscribe to ancient beliefs or not, it is so important to be in tune with yourself! If you have the urge to track your cycle in relation to the lunar cycle, you can google “Moon Cycle Charts” and a myriad of options are available to you. You can also download apps to your phone (moon-related & not). I have been using the monthly cycles app for about a year, and I think it is a simple and easy tool to keep track of your period. I’ve never used a moon chart before, but maybe now I’ll give it a try. Let me know what tracking systems you have used or are curious about in the comments below!

Un Saludo,



  1. Julie Anderson Avatar
    Julie Anderson

    “The Mooooon!”

    Virus-free. http://www.avg.com

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  2. suzanne Avatar

    Your brother was born on his due date[which is very rare] during the a full moon. The maternity ward was packed that night & luckily it was a quick & easy delivery. Also your Nanny, who was an ER night nurse always said full moon shifts were the craziest times to work. I think you are on to something Maggie!!

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    1. Maggie Willis Avatar

      Hmmm so interesting! Maybe that’s why Mike turns into a werewolf…


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