Two weekends ago, I visited Córdoba, a town I had last seen in 2016 during my high school’s exchange trip. It was an incredible day. Córdoba is known for its stunning patios adorned with flowers galore. Every May, the citizens of Córdoba open up their patios to the public and compete for the most stunning patio in Córdoba.

From October 11th to October 21st, the 13 top ranked patios from last May opened up to the public once again. The day was accompanied by a floral art exhibit in the archaeological museum featuring two female artists, Inés Urquijo and Nuria Mora. You can read more about these incredible women and their unique styles here.

After stopping by Bar Santos for some tortilla de patata, we hit the patios. While talking to one patio owner, I learned that in order to be considered one of Córdoba’s “greats,” you must water all of your plants BY HAND. The upkeep of a beautiful patio is truly a full time job.

Here is a glimpse of the 2021 Flower Festival:

Un abrazo fuerte,


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