I adapted this idea from teach-this.com

School starts next week for me, and I have been looking for fun/creative ways to introduce myself to the class (or rather reintroduce myself.) Because it is my second year at the same school, I do not want to reuse my first day of school powerpoint that all of the students have already seen. I hope this fun dynamic activity will get the school year off to a great start and provide a bit of a refresher for the students and myself.

Snowball Fight

STEP 1: Give students 5/10 minutes to answer the following questions on a piece of paper:

  1. What is your name? My name is Mary.
  2. Where are you from? I am from the United States.

3. What do you like to do? I like running.

4. What do you want to learn about? I want to learn about the differences between the United States and Spain.

STEP 2: Write “SNOWBALL FIGHT” on the board. Ask, “Does anyone know what a snowball fight is?” Explain that we are going to have one today!

Show this clip from ELF:

STEP 3: Choose 6 students at a time. Bring them to the front of the classroom. Tell them to crumple up their papers like a snowball and commence the snowball fight! After a little bit, yell “STOP!!” Anyone with a snowball in their hand has to uncrumple and introduce the person on their paper.

STEP 4: Repeat snowball fight, occasionally yelling “STOP!!” until everyone in the class has been introduced.

Un abrazo,



  1. Cookie Avatar

    Do they get real snow in Spain?


    1. Maggie Willis Avatar

      Not where I live!


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