I keep a little journal when I travel, and the first entry for Bruges is, “LOVE LOVE LOVE this city. ” If you are in Belgium, Bruges is an absolute must-see. It is perfect for a day trip, but I promise, you are going to want to stay longer! This city is so picturesque, with canals that (dare-I-say) are more beautiful than those in Amsterdam. Bruges is much smaller than neighboring capital, Brussels, but there is still plenty to see. If I had the decision to revisit either Brussels or Bruges, I would choose Bruges.

I visited Bruges while I was staying in Brussels. The one hour train ride could not have been easier. I booked my train tickets in advance, which I later learned was not necessary. In fact, the train-line was running a deal, so I would have saved money, had I bought my tickets at the station. Darn my American first come first serve mentality!


On my walk from the train station to the city center, I stopped at Lover’s Bridge. No lovers here, but the swans kept me company.

Because I visited in the beginning of January, there was a Christmas market set up in the middle of town with a variety of foods, products, drinks, etc. I am a sucker for markets, and my Bruge approval rating immediately shot up by about 10 points.

I then headed over to the Chocolate Museum (ChocoStory) to learn about the history of chocolate in an interactive exhibit. I think I would’ve skipped this attraction in hindsight. I would, however, recommend this exhibit if you are traveling with children!

I met up with my hostel roomie at Potato Bar, where we indulged in some loaded French fries and Belgian beers.

Of course, while in Belgium, I had to buy chocolate, so I picked up a lovely mixed assortment at Pur Chocolate. We sampled the chocolate truffles, and they were to die for!

Bruge has some beautiful churches, including Our Dear Lady Church and Chapel of the Holy Blood. Although the name should probably have given it away, I was not expecting to actually see the supposed blood of Jesus preserved in the chapel and just out and about for anyone to see. Our Lady Church displayed a piece of arm bone from Saint Anthony the Abbot, Bruges’ patron against the plague. The Chapel of the Holy Blood had spooky music playing in the background. Having been raised Catholic, the most ominous music I’ve heard at church until now is the hymnal when the priest decides to go acapella.

If you have read any of my other posts, you know, I am all about the food when I travel. So of course, my last stop was The House of Waffles (Not to be confused with Waffle House). I’ve never met a Belgian waffle I didn’t like, and this one was no exception.


Un abrazo fuerte,


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